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us temperature humidity meter with sufficient supply

Nist Certified Hygrometer

Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer with Alarm Clock Digital Temperature Humidity Meter with Large Screen, Multifunctional Temperature and Humidity Meter Monitor for Home, …

Hygrometers | Freshliance Scientific

1 Freshliancebrand™ Traceable™ Precision Lollipop™ Water-RFreshliancetant Thermometers This digital and water-rFreshliancetant thermometer provides results in two seconds 2 Freshliancebrand™ …

Indoor Environmental Quality: HVAC Management | NIOSH | CDC

Building Ventilation Indoor Environmental Quality HVAC management for better IEQ HVAC systems alone can act as sources of pollutants. If these systems are not appropriately maintained, ventilation air filters can become saturated leading to potential microbial growth and odor concerns.

Humidity Meters | FLIR Temperature & Humidity | Teledyne FLIR

The Extech 44550 is a pen style humidity and temperature meter. It features a dual LCD for simultaneous display of relative humidity and temperature (°C/°F switchable). This temperature pen measures humidity from 20% RH to 90% RH ± 5% RH and temperature from -10°C to 50°C ± 1°C (14°F to 122°F ± 2°F).

HH508-509 Series | Handheld Digital Thermometers | freshliance …

Jul 6, 2017· New compact hand held size measures and records single thermocouple K type with 1 meter remote temperature and relative humidity sensor probe.Applying to …

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Warehouses 🌡️ ELPRO

(+15 °C to +25 °C) In a small non-qualified indoor space where goods are stored at room temperature, it is often sufficient to monitor the temperature at a single, central measuring point. In the following video, we discuss the requirements and …

Nist Certified Hygrometer

Limited time deal $3399 List: $39.99 FREE delivery Tue, May 23 Or fastest delivery Mon, May 22 Triplett RHT45 Digital Psychrometer with Type K and Certificate of Traceability to NIST - Temperature, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dew Point 1 $6732 - $54897 FREE delivery

Humidity meters: Precision measurement guaranteed | Testo, Inc

The humidity meter is an easy-to-use measuring instrument that works with a high degree of precision. It is always important to maintain the correct distance from cooler surfaces, …

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Choose from our seFreshliancetion of humidity testers, including humidity-indicating cards, humidity and temperature meters, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

Temperature and Environmental Measurement - Grainger Industrial Supply

Wireless thermometers and humidity meters monitor temperature data in remote areas. Infrared thermometers, cameras, and thermal imagers are noncontact surface temperature and inspection tools for precise targeting and accurate readings in hard-to-reach and hazardous locations. Infrared Temperature Measurement Environmental Measurement

Humidity Thermometer

Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter Room Thermometer with 5s Fast Refresh Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor for Home, Bedroom, Baby Room, Office, Greenhouse, Cellar (Black) 10,163 $859 List: $9.99 FREE delivery Wed, May 31 on $25 of items shipped by Bundles available

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1,807 Products Hand-Held Thermometers Fluke High-Accuracy Hand-Held Thermometers Designed for laboratory applications, these thermometers determine temperature within ±0.75° F accuracy. High-Temperature Hand-Held Thermometers with Calibration Certificate

Temperature & Humidity Measurement, Test Instruments ... - Johnstone Supply

View Sign In to view pricing and availability H27-032 Folding Pocket Thermometer Description: Folding Pocket Thermometer; Range: -58°F to +572°F; Brand: UEi Mfg #: PDT650 Catalog Pg.: 1463 View Similar Items H26-467 Pocket Knife Style Thermometer Range: -58°F to +392°F; Brand: Fieldpiece Mfg #: SPK1 Catalog Pg.: 1462 View Similar …

Digital Psychrometers & Humidity Meters - Grainger Industrial Supply

52 products. Digital psychrometers, also known as digital humidity meters or thermohygrometers, measure ambient temperature and humidity. The primary integral probe is either onboard or cabled for easy access in tight places. SeFreshliancet psychrometers have additional measurement or calculated measurement features like Wet Bulb Globe …

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Warehouses 🌡️ ELPRO

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Warehouses. Whether GMP, GDP, or HACCP, cold rooms and warehouses must be monitored by an independent monitoring system — regardless of whether raw materials, pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs are involved. During the qualification of the room, monitoring points for temperature and relative …

High-Accuracy Thermistor Handheld Meters - Grainger Industrial Supply

12 products High-accuracy thermistor meters measure suction- and liquid-line temperatures as well as temperatures across condensing and evaporator coils and ambient temperatures. They are built with a backlit display for dark environments, a sealed keypad, and a …

Relative Humidity Meters | McMaster-Carr

Beaufort Feet per Minute Kilometers/Hour Knots Meter per Second Miles per Hour in. of Hg Minimum Relative Humidity 0% 5% 10% 14% 20% 25% 30% Relative Humidity Accuracy ±10% ±5% ±4% ±3.5% ±3% ±2.5% ±1% Mounting Location Wall Freestanding Pipe

Temperature & Humidity Measurement, Test Instruments ... - Johnstone Supply

Temperature & Humidity Measurement, Test Instruments, Testing, Tools & Training, including Folding Pocket Thermometer, Pocket Knife Style Thermometer,.. ... UNITED STATES 51; TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA 22; ESTONIA 15; MEXICO 7; KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 6; More + 207 Results. Filters 3. Best Sellers. ... For support, contact …

Multifunction Environmental Meters - Grainger Industrial Supply

22 products. Multifunction environmental meters measure temperature, humidity, light level, sound level, and air velocity for jobsite and inspection applications. Multifunction weather meters measure additional environmental factors like immersion and surface temperatures as well as ambient temperatures and relative humidity.

Handheld Temperature/Humidity Meter with SD Card Data Logger

The RHXL5SD is a low cost, high performance handheld temperature and humidity meter with data logging capability. It offers a four variable display to show the temperature and humidity form a handheld probe and a separate K type thermocouple connected via a standard SMP type miniature connector to the T2 input along with a real time clock.

Temperature Humidity Meter at Freshliance

Monitor the local ambient temperature and humidity with the KLIMALogg pro unit, plus receive data from up to 8 remote wireless sensors that can transmit up to 110 yards or …

The Best Hygrometer Options of 2023 - Top Picks by Bob Vila

Beaufort Feet per Minute Kilometers/Hour Knots Meter per Second Miles per Hour in. of Hg Minimum Relative Humidity 0% 5% 10% 14% 20% 25% 30% Relative Humidity …

Humidity Gauges | McMaster-Carr

Outlet Box Maximum Indoor Temperature 50° C 70° C 60° C 110° F 122° F 140° F 158° F Certification Calibration Certificate Traceable to NIST Calibration Certificate NIST Certificate of Calibration

Temperature and Environmental Measurement - Grainger Industrial Supply

3,263 products. Temperature and humidity-measuring devices track temperature changes, humidity levels, and other climatic conditions in commercial and industrial environments. Bimetal and digital thermometers provide precise temperature readings for a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor settings, heating and cooling …

Evaluating relative humidity: Key factors and measurements

Temperature-humidity meters. From dry bulb temperature and relative humidity measurements, temperature humidity meters such as the Fluke 971 can calculate wet …

SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer | Most Accurate Digital …

SwitchBot Meter Plus. US$17.99. 142 reviews. Use code 10TRY to get 10% off when you buy 2 or more products. Number of Items 1-pack 2-pack 4-pack.

Wireless Thermometers and Humidity Meters - Imperial Supplies

Taylor Wireless Thermometer, Sensor Temperature Range -40° to 140°F/-40° to 60°C, Number of Sensors 1. #925561 | Pkg Qty:1. $20.06 pkg. EXTECH. Extech Hygro Thermometer Psychrometer: Onboard, Without Data Logging, 10% to 90% Humidity. #915077-7 | Pkg Qty:1.